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There are so many people and even organizations out there that are all working towards two things – Disclosure and Contact.

Don’t stop here, contact or reach out to these people and organizations to tell your story or share your resources.

Contact us asap if you want to be a resource listed here or to alert us to one that should be.

Important Links:

To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science

TTSA collects documents and physical materials from public and private sources related to the UAP phenomena to study it and then transitions the transformative technologies behind it to wider applications of public benefit. 


METI International

Click below to learn about their primary objectives and purposes

Crop Circle Research dotcom

The World’s Premier Crop Circles Research Site

Crop Circles - TheyExist

SETI Institute

Scientists sense that they are getting closer to discovering life on other worlds.

SETI Institute’s researchers are in the forefront of this effort. Be part of the search.

SETI - TheyExist
Luis Elizondo - TheyExist

Luis Elizondo’s Site

My mission is to challenge the status quo of the past 75 years of UFO/UAP secrecy and champion its disclosure in a meaningful way that ultimately leads to a better, more comprehensive understanding of this great enigma.

The Galileo Project

The goal of the Galileo Project is to bring the search for extraterrestrial technological signatures of Extraterrestrial Technological Civilizations (ETCs) from accidental or anecdotal observations and legends into the mainstream of transparent, validated and systematic scientific research.

The Galileo Project - TheyExist
Arecibo Observatory-TheyExist.Space

Arecibo Observatory

Toward 2025 the Arecibo Observatory (AO) will continue to be recognized as a world-leading radio astronomy, solar system radar and atmospheric physics facility, contributing highly relevant data to support discovery, innovation and the advancement of science for the well-being of human kind.


Space.com is the premier source of space exploration, innovation and astronomy news, chronicling (and celebrating) humanity’s ongoing expansion across the final frontier. We transport our visitors across the solar system and beyond through accessible, comprehensive coverage of the latest news and discoveries

Space.Com - TheyExist.Space